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Herbal Weak Eyesight Treatment


I-Lite capsule is an herbal weak eyesight treatment that provides nutrition to the eyes and helps improves eye vision naturally, protects eyes from damage, and maintains eye health. Qty: 200 capsules per pack

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I-Lite Capsules

Eyes are delicate organs and are also exposed to the external environment, and are shut only when a person is asleep. Due to these reasons, vision deteriorates every year after a certain age.

People, even if in sound health, can have poor eyesight and face vision problems.

Herbal weak eyesight treatment not only stops deterioration in vision but improves it considerably, so much so that person may not need glasses or lenses at all.

Eyes need proper nutrition and regular cleansing. Washing and using eye-cleaning supplements help, but these cannot eliminate hazardous compounds which are deep or get absorbed into the tissues of the organs.

I-Lite capsules are natural eye supplements for weak eyesight as these increase support and keep eyes clean and free from damaging compounds effectively.

These pills possess herbs that even protect organs from weaknesses occurring due to aging or strain.

People in the habit of smoking or excessive alcohol suffer from poor eyesight, health issues like diabetes, etc. also affect vision negatively.

I-Lite capsules are capable of handling all these efficiently and not only protect vision but also improve it.

Herbal Treatment for Weak Eyesight

I-Lite capsules are enriched with herbs containing loads of vitamins, particularly A and B vitamins, crucial for sharp vision.

These also possess herbs that are sources of antioxidants and delay the process of aging. Anti-toxin herbs present in these pills protect the eyes from damage and maintain their health.

These pills effectively treat poor night vision, improve color perception, stop macular degeneration, treat cataracts, and check retinopathy.

These improve near and far vision and improve lens movement and control to allow a person to focus on objects easily for sharper vision.

These protect eyes from viral infections and other conditions like bloodshot eyes, burning in eyes, dry eyes, etc.

These are safe and harmless, and even if a person is taking any treatment, can use them without any worries.

Key Features

  • Improve near and far vision, night vision, and color perception, and keep eyes fresh.
  • Treat and prevent dry and red eyes, protect them from infections and relieve strain.
  • Delay eye aging and stop age-related weaknesses and disorders.
  • Stop macular degeneration, and protect from retinopathy, glaucoma, and nerve damage.
  • Maintain movement of lens and muscular control to sharpen vision.
  • Cure issues like cataracts and improve vision without glasses.
  • Safe for all age groups.

Direction of Use

Consume one or two pills twice a day after breakfast and dinner. Eat a nutritious diet and avoid harmful foods and drinks which deteriorate vision.

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