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Herbal Weight Gain Pills


FitOFat capsules are natural weight gain pills made of valuable herbs and nutrients that provide much-needed nutritional support to the body to increase body weight and muscle mass. Qty: 100 capsules per pack

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FitOFat Capsules

FitOFat capsules are herbal weight gain pills to add bulk to the body by increasing muscle mass and bone density.

These natural weight gainer pills supplement a wide range of nutrients in bioavailable form to remove deficiencies and boost vitality and energy.

Natural weight gain supplements cleanse the digestive system, eliminate toxins and improve enzymatic activities along with bile secretion to speed up metabolism and promote the smooth absorption of nutrients.

Some of the herbs used in these herbal weight gain supplements improve blood flow and circulation of nutrition all over the body, generate tissues faster, and improve the body’s entire musculoskeletal system.

Herbal weight gain pills do not add fat to the body but increase muscle mass and bone density to add bulk to the body and provide a shapely, muscular, and fitter body.

Natural Weight Gain Supplements

FitOFat capsules by cleansing blood, the digestive system, the liver, and kidneys improve health and metabolism and lower toxins to protect tissues from damage.

These benefits increase appetite and regulate eating patterns to enhance nutritional intake. A few herbs used in these pills are anti-aging and inhibit free-radical mechanisms and bring back healthy hormonal balance.

These herbal weight gain supplements boost vitality, strength, and stamina and keep health protected by improving immune system functions.

Key Features

  • Improve muscle mass by filling in nutritional gaps and speeding up metabolism. These generate bone tissues and make bones stronger to provide a muscular and strong body.
  • Make optimum utilization of diet and allow a person to exercise longer. Improve circulation of nutrition all over the body and enhance cellular functions.
  • Eliminate toxins and suppress free radicals to protect tissues and organs of the body.
  • These keep muscles energized and strong by supplying regular energy and bringing back the secretion of health-promoting hormones in proper balance.
  • Increase bile secretion and cleanse blood, liver, kidneys, and colon to provide sound health.
  • Enhance immunity and protect health from the effects of stressors.
  • Treat disorders like low appetite, fullness, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and anemia, and remove deficiencies of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, etc.

Direction of Use

One should support these supplements with a nutritious diet and regular exercise for better results.

Using FitOFat capsules is easy and simply consuming one or two pills after breakfast and dinner is enough to gain weight healthily.

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