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Herbal Kidney Stone Treatment


Kid Clear capsule is an herbal kidney stone treatment that helps break stones into fine particles and allows painless removal of these particles from the body through urine. Qty: 200 capsules per pack

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Kid Clear Capsules

The problem of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder is quite common, but it is very frustrating. The reason is that a popular method of treatment is effective only when stones are removed surgically from these organs.

Surgical removal of the gallbladder is usually done to get rid of gallstones. These surgeries are not free from side effects plus do not protect the kidneys in the future.

Kid Clear capsules provide wonderfully beneficial herbal kidney stone treatment that eliminates kidney stones without causing any pain and certainly without surgeries.

Crystals of certain minerals form kidney stones. These crystals are bounded by uric acid or oxalic acid mainly.

Herbal kidney stone treatment provided by Kid Clear capsules helps reduce bondage between the crystals of minerals and disintegrates the stone into fine pieces.

These supplements flush the tiny pieces of stone out through urine to clear the kidneys of stones. These supplements clear stones from the kidneys and pass gallstones naturally and painlessly.

The person using these supplements gains maximum protection from stones in the future as well. These pills cleanse kidneys and increase urine output to keep them clear and free from blockages.

Herbal Treatment for Kidney Stone

Due to their powerful properties to break down stones and clear them smoothly, Kid Clear capsules are recommended as an effective herbal treatment for gallbladder stones.

These supplements open up blockages caused by gallstones in ducts and protect health from their side effects.

These pills possess herbs that lower the presence of mineral compounds from accumulating in the kidneys. This precipitate later hardens and forms crystals, and these crystals join to form stones.

These pills lower the presence of toxins in the blood and digestive system and also suppress the excessive presence of uric and oxalic acid. Gallbladder stones are primarily calcium, cholesterol, and bile stones.

These pills dilute these stones and let them pass into the intestines, from where these get excreted through the bowels. These supplements are fit to be used by men and women both and of any age.

Key Features

  • Remove kidney stones painlessly and without any need for surgeries.
  • Pass gallstones out naturally and protect health.
  • Improve kidney functions and the entire urinary system.
  • Metabolize stone-forming minerals and acids to protect kidneys in the future as well.
  • Eliminate toxins and cleanse kidneys.
  • Diffuse inflammation and open up blocked tubules to improve the health and functions of kidneys.
  • Regulate urination and maintain urine output.

Direction of Use

Drink plenty of water, do not remain on an empty stomach for long, and avoid high protein, calcium, iron, and sugary foods too much.

Consume one or two pills every day after breakfast and dinner and maintain an active lifestyle.

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